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Dental Implants

The dental implant procedure process usually occurs in two stages.  First, within your jawbone, the dental implants are placed.  For a few months (usually 3 to 6) following the oral surgery, the implants are below your gum surface and are slowly bonding with the jawbone. During the beginning of the bonding time, each patient will need to stick to a soft foods diet. Also, during this time, we will be working hard to form new replacement teeth.

After the bonding of the implant and the jawbone has taken place our very own Tennessee Valley Oral Surgeons will be uncovering the implants and attaching small posts that go through the gums and be as anchors for the artificial teeth.

Utilizing the latest advances in the dental implant field, our surgeons can put single stage implants. These types of implants don't require a subsequent strategy to reveal them, yet require at least a month and a half of recuperating time before the artificial teeth are finally set. There are even circumstances where the inserts can be set simultaneously as a tooth extraction – further limiting the quantity of surgeries.

Dental Implant placements are a collaboration between both oral and maxillofacial specialist and a dental specialist. While our surgeons perform the dental implant surgical procedure, actual tooth extractions, bone grafting if it is needed, your dental specialist fits and makes the perpetual prosthesis. Your dental specialist will likewise make any brief prosthesis required during the implant process.

  • Dental implants have an overall success rate of
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What kind of Dental implants are there?

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There are various sorts of dental implants. At Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery, our surgeons offer an assortment of implant rebuilding efforts, including:

Single tooth dental implants - If you're feeling the loss of a solitary tooth, an implant can be utilized to fill that hole in your smile. With a solitary tooth implant, you can get an artificial replacement of the missing tooth without yielding any of the basic segments of your existing smile.

Multiple teeth implants - If you're feeling the loss of various teeth, sets of dental implants can be utilized to replace those missing gaps. Contingent upon the size of the hole in your grin, a solitary implant or multiple dental implants might be utilized to help prosthetic teeth, a crown, or a bridge.

Anterior Implants – These implants are utilized to replace the existing teeth that you want removed. This kind of implant rebuilds the teeth in the front that are visible. Usually, this can be marginally more sensitive because of the bone and tissue.

How long do dental implants last?

In the event that you take phenomenal consideration with your dental implants, they should be able to last forever. Make a point floss routinely and treat your dental implant as you would the original tooth. Likewise, make a point to keep up ordinary encounters with our surgeons for general upkeep. As your mouth changes normally, your dental implant may require minor adjustments now and again.

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How do dental implants work?

Dental Assessment

From the start, our surgeons completely assess the site for implant arrangement, both radiographically and clinically, to ensure the site can take an implant. At that point, we will recreate surgical procedure on the computer before we show the patient. The surgical procedure itself is done under nearby sedation. We ready the surgical site by utilizing what is called osteotomy drills and afterward cautiously puts it in the bone in a pre-arranged position. The whole surgical procedure is an effortless encounter that is painless.

When the implant has been placed, the surgical procedure called ossteointegration starts where the implant turns into a piece of your jawbone. Generally, the ossteointegration takes a couple of months. During this time, our surgeons can fit you with a brief rebuilding joined to the implant and can oversee your advancement.

At the point when your implant is prepared and has become bonded to your jawbone, you come back to our office for the crown and/or bridge part of the procedure.

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