Emergency Oral Surgery - Facial Injury and Trauma Surgery

Our surgeons can handle all your emergency oral sugery & oral health needs, no matter the situation.

Emergency Oral Surgery

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon creates a surgical plan and performs the surgical plan for the proper treatment of the wounds sustained to your face.  We at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery have dealt with a lot of facial trauma, and we create tailored surgical plans to help you have the best emergency care, treatments, and long-term rehabilitation needed just for you. plays out the correct treatment of facial wounds. Our Surgeons are experts in crisis care, intense treatment and uniquely qualified to help the patients that need corrective jaw surgery due to facial trauma.  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are prepared, gifted and remarkably qualified to oversee and treat Facial Trauma. Wounds to the face inherently bring about emotional trauma as well, just as physical injury to patients. The science and craft of treating these wounds requires unique preparation including a hands-on understanding and a comprehension of how the treatment given will impact the patients long term function and appearance.



Our surgeons not only meet and surpass these cutting-edge standards. We are prepared, gifted and extraordinarily qualified to oversee and treat facial trauma. We also have privileges at the nearby University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville.


  • Facial cuts
  • Intra oral cuts
  • Separated (knocked out) teeth
  • Broken facial bones (cheek, nose or eye attachment)
  • Broken jaws (upper and lower jaw)

Emergency Oral Surgery - The Nature of Maxillofacial Trauma

If you or a loved one suffers a facial or mouth injury that requires a trip to the emergency room, be sure to ask that an OMS is called for consultation. With their background and training, OMSs are the specialists most qualified to deal with these types of injuries. In some cases, they may detect a “hidden” injury that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Soft Tissue Injuries of the Maxillofacial Region

Suturing is a method used to repair soft tissue facial injuries when they happen. Suturing also is the preferred method, because in the healing process it is the least likely to further alter the natural cosmetics to the facial area. We at Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery take pride in not only diagnosing, but also treating injuries that occur to the facial nerves, salivary glands, and duct channels.


Bone Injuries of the Maxillofacial Region

Bone breaks and fractures of the face are similarly treated in other parts of the body. The particular type of treatment is dictated by different elements, which incorporate the area of the break, the seriousness of the crack or fracture, the age and structural strength of the patient. At the point when an arm or a leg is broken, a cast is regularly applied to balance out the issue that remains to be worked out for recuperation. Since a cast can't be put on the face, different methods have been created to balance out facial breaks.

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