Impacted Tooth Removal

If your impacted tooth can not be repaired through other interventions, removal may be necessary.

impacted teeth

Preventing Impacted Tooth Removal

The only way to truly prevent the removal of an impacted tooth is to catch the impaction early. This is done through regular dental check-ups and dental X-rays with your primary dentist. They will perform an examination to determine if all adult teeth are accounted for and, if not, whether or not there are any issues with their eruption.

If your dentist or orthodontist determines that the impaction of your tooth is severe, you may be referred to Tennessee Valley Oral Surgery. One of our highly skilled surgeons will perform an examination complete with X-rays to determine the state of your tooth. They will then create a custom-tailored surgical plan for you that will offer you the best chance at preserving the health of your other teeth and your bite.

Impacted Teeth Frequently Asked Questions

An impacted tooth is one that is underneath bone, soft-tissue, or both. This can cause severe infection and dental complications.

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